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NEW YORK, NY — EMAILWIRESobo & Sobo, a renowned personal injury firm in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago, IL, has been named among “America’s Top Law Firms of 2023” by America’s Best Attorneys, a leading lawyer review site. The firm was chosen based on their dedication to excellence, experience, and client advocacy. Less than 1% of all law firms nominated for this award are chosen to receive it.

"I believe this recognition truly speaks to our team's dedication to staying true to our roots—embracing transparency, honesty, and compassion since Sobo & Sobo’s humble beginnings,” said Greg Sobo, Founder and CEO of Sobo & Sobo. “That’s what sets us apart, and I’m thrilled to see that our new neighbors are recognizing this as we expand into new towns and states. Our commitment to these values is the foundation of our success.”

America’s Best Attorneys puts nominees through a rigorous vetting process before hand-selecting the winning few, which includes examining:

  • Attorney and firm ratings from leading lawyer review venues
  • Law-specific certifications and experience in areas of expertise
  • Awards received;
  • Absence of any Attorney Grievance Committee discipline;
  • Good standing in their respective state bar;
  • Possession of advanced degrees;
  • Professional associations and their activity in such associations;
  • Publications in their field; and
  • Speaking engagements, seminars, and authoritative papers in their field

Sobo & Sobo's recognition is a clear indication of the firm's continued success and dedication to achieving justice for their clients. As they expand their reach across New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL, their reputation for excellence in personal injury law will undoubtedly precede them, ensuring that more individuals receive the legal representation they need and deserve.


About Sobo & Sobo LLP

Established in Middletown, New York in 1969, the Personal Injury Law Firm of Sobo & Sobo is made up of a group of professionals with a passion for helping others who also happen to be really talented attorneys. We have become recognized leaders in the field of personal injury law in our over 50 years of representing accident victims throughout New York, New Jersey and Chicago, IL.

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About America’s Best Attorneys

We are an impartial and invitation only third-party rating firm that believes that the best Attorneys and Law Firms should be easily found and accessible. Our Top Attorney Lists allow potential new clients to find Top Rated Attorneys and Firms all in one place saving them time and money.

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